Intentional Eating: My Food Philosophy

How I approach food with intention, not guilt

You know those moments when the internet seems to be giving you a sign? There you are, browsing some of your favourite blogs, and within fifteen minutes stumble upon two related posts, both of which you feel compelled to comment on? I had one of those last weekend. Christina at The Blissful Balance shared some … [Read more…]

Create Your Perfect Afternoon Routine

Develop a post-work or post-school afternoon to mentally reset and prepare for your evening

Morning routines, as well as bedtime routines, are having a bit of a moment in the wellness world, and for good reason. But there’s another one that is often overlooked that is, in my opinion, just as important. After-work routine, after-school routine, before-the-kids-get-home-from-school routine – call it what you will, it’s crucial for that transition … [Read more…]

Make the Most of a TINY Freezer

Tips and tricks to make your tiny freezer work for you

Whether you’re trying to save money on your grocery bills or make healthy eating simple, chances are you’ve come across more than one article extolling the virtues of the humble freezer. This is all well and good, but when your freezer is the size of a postage stamp then chances are you’ve thrown your hands … [Read more…]

The problem with “should”

Stop telling yourself you "should" do things and live life with less guilt and more joy.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared advice on how to develop an exercise routine and on how to enjoy cooking. In both cases, I emphasised figuring out your motivation for both of these things. I’d go a step further and say that if your motivation is “because I should”, then it’s time to … [Read more…]

How to Learn to Love Cooking

How to learn to love cooking | Tips and tricks to find your motivation to cook and what's holding you back

I hate cooking. I hate how long it takes to make a simple stir-fry. I hate how slow I am at chopping veggies. I hate how batch cooking sucks up my entire weekend. I hate how long cleanup takes. I hate how I can spend an hour making something and it comes out inedible. I … [Read more…]

How to Start a Bullet Journal

How to start a bullet journal | A summary of the core bullet journal concepts and how to start using this planning method

If you’ve spent any time on productivity or time management websites lately, you’ll likely have heard of the bullet journal. It is hands-down my favourite tool for goal setting, time management, stress relief, self-care, gratitude log, and just generally organising my life. I’ve always been the planning type, and I’ve habitually favoured paper planners over electronic … [Read more…]

How to find an exercise routine you LOVE

Do you feel like you're in an exercise rut? Find out how to develop a routine that you love!

I was a pretty active kid. Between the school field hockey team, figure skating and swimming lessons, karate training and summer camp, my body was always on the go. It wasn’t until I went to uni that I started to slow down, slowly dropping everything but the karate, until I eventually graduated and stopped with … [Read more…]