Navigating Christmas Gifts as a Budding Minimalist

Exchanging Christmas gifts can be challenging for a fledgling minimalist, but by focussing on the purpose behind giving presents and using guidance from loved ones, you can reduce the anxiety and enjoy the process. Click through for more info.

Exchanging Christmas gifts can be challenging for fledgling minimalists, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Every year it feels like Christmas sneaks up on me. Sure, I’m looking forward to the mince pies, hoping for snow, and eating my weight in Brussels sprouts by Hallowe’en, but it’s always sometime in November that I remember … [Read more…]

3 Ways to Reduce Stress Every Day

Life can get pretty stressful. Click through for three easy habits you can add to your routine to stop anxiety in its tracks.

Life can get pretty stressful, and while one of the most important things you can do to reduce stress is to avoid or limit stressful situations (for instance if your job is stressful and unrewarding you might start looking for another one) sometimes stress is unavoidable, for instance if a family member falls ill. And … [Read more…]

Preparing to Pack: Clothes

How to pare down and declutter your closet in preparation for moving to a new home

You may have seen me mention this on social media, but after living in Scotland for nearly a decade I’m moving back to Canada in December. Before we move, the Scotsman and I need to sort through the five years’ worth of belongings we’ve accumulated in our current home and decide what we want to … [Read more…]

Intentional Eating: My Food Philosophy

How I approach food with intention, not guilt

You know those moments when the internet seems to be giving you a sign? There you are, browsing some of your favourite blogs, and within fifteen minutes stumble upon two related posts, both of which you feel compelled to comment on? I had one of those last weekend. Christina at The Blissful Balance shared some … [Read more…]

How to Learn to Love Cooking

How to learn to love cooking | Tips and tricks to find your motivation to cook and what's holding you back

I hate cooking. I hate how long it takes to make a simple stir-fry. I hate how slow I am at chopping veggies. I hate how batch cooking sucks up my entire weekend. I hate how long cleanup takes. I hate how I can spend an hour making something and it comes out inedible. I … [Read more…]

How to find an exercise routine you LOVE

Do you feel like you're in an exercise rut? Find out how to develop a routine that you love!

I was a pretty active kid. Between the school field hockey team, figure skating and swimming lessons, karate training and summer camp, my body was always on the go. It wasn’t until I went to uni that I started to slow down, slowly dropping everything but the karate, until I eventually graduated and stopped with … [Read more…]