Why You Don’t Need an Empty Inbox

Find emails faster without needing to file them away under labels. Click through for more information.

The phrase ‘Inbox Zero’ is a common goal in productivity and self-development circles these days. While I find unread emails in my inbox can cause anticipatory stress (and I’m not alone), I have no problem leaving opened emails sitting in my inbox. At the time of writing this, my personal email account has 19 302 … [Read more…]

How to Effectively Batch Your Tasks

Batching is a fantastic productivity tool that helps you manage your time effectively. Click through for tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

It’s a pretty open secret nowadays that humans are bad at multitasking. Every time you ALT+TAB to Twitter or your phone beeps, your concentration is shattered, and, depending on the kind of activity you’re doing, it can take you a while to regain your focus. For instance, if you’re writing a paper and you’re interrupted … [Read more…]

Productivity Hacks: Setting Time Limits

Setting time constraints can boost your productivity with both short-term tasks and long-term habits. Click through to find out more.

Ever feel like you never have enough time to get things done, even when you think that logically you should? You’re not alone. You and I might not be freelance writers, but the same principles apply. Whether you’re trying to muster up the energy in the short-term to clean the kitchen, or in the long-term … [Read more…]