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Do you ever feel like you’re treading water in life, using all your energy to stay afloat but never getting closer to your dreams? Does it feel like you’re being tugged in different directions, knowing that you ‘should’ eat well or exercise more but wondering how on earth you’re meant to find the time for it with all your other commitments?

I’ve been there.

I have a pretty busy life. I work full-time as a software developer, I cook most of my meals at home, I strive for plenty of exercise in my daily life, I’m an avid reader and I’m working on a novel (or three …). I’ve had my fair share of difficulty in balancing all the different aspects of my life without getting anxious or overwhelmed.

That’s why I added another commitment to my already packed life and started Calm, Joyful Life. My mission is to help others like me discover what sets their soul alight and find the time to pursue their passions without being overwhelmed by their responsibilities, so that life can be truly joyful.

What you’ll find at Calm, Joyful Life

  • Practical advice for managing your time so you can do more with less
  • Heartfelt posts on bringing joy and self-love into your everyday life
  • Tips and tricks for making the things you ‘have’ to do into the things you want to do
  • Tools to help you be the healthiest and happiest version of YOU
  • And more!

More about me

profile pictureAfter growing up in Canada, I moved to Scotland at the age of 17 to study English Literature at the University of St Andrews. While there, I met my husband (the Scotsman) and nurtured my passions for healthy living and productivity as I learnt to cook for myself for the first time and dealt with a university timetable that expected me to do approximately 8 hours of independent work a week for every hour I spent in class.

The day after my 25th birthday, I received the phone call that tore my life apart. My youngest sister had fallen ill suddenly and passed away. For a long time I struggled to find joy again, even felt guilty when I caught myself laughing or smiling, like it was a betrayal of her memory to be happy.

I’m never going to tell you that happiness is all about perspective, or that a positive attitude will make everything better. I know first-hand that sometimes Life. Just. Sucks. But I also know first-hand that spiralling into a cycle of guilt and self-hatred when life gets hard only makes it harder, and those feelings detract from whatever good is in your life at that moment. So I won’t tell you to practice gratitude when your heart is breaking. But I will tell you to practice self-love, whether your heart is breaking or filled with love and gratitude, because life is too short and precious to waste it wishing we were someone else.




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